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The harmonizing heartwood of the Blue cypress tree charms your underarms reverently. Stellar Poetic Pits deodorant is made with pure, organic, undiluted blue cypress, frankincense, silver fir, lavender and cilantro.


  • Charm each underarm with a single, stellar stroke! Stellar Poetic Pits combines the harmonizing heartwood of nourishing Blue cypress with sacred frankincense, refreshing silver fir, soothing lavender and clean-green cilantro. Each ingredient in this deodorizing elixir is 100% pure, organic, and undiluted (as all our Poetic Pits are). Your pits have never felt so poetic!


    Blue cypress contains a rare, healing compound known as guaiazulene, which soothes underarms and eases inflammation after shaving. This ingredient calms swollen lymph nodes while nourishing delicate armpit skin. This Underarm Charm smells perfectly pleasant on both men and women and was created especially for those with sensitive skin. Fresh, potent, and purely poetic, Stellar Poetic Pits will leave you feeling clean, uplifted, and inspired by the aroma emanating from your underarm.


    Organic Ingredients (every ingredient is listed):


    Blue Cypress – Nourishing Blue cypress is a powerful antiviral agent that clarifies underarm skin and protects it from infections and invaders. Similar to sandalwood in fragrance and composition, Blue cypress soothes swollen glands while infusing delicate skin with an awesome aroma.

    Frankincense – Pure, organic frankincense prevents skin ulcers, fades stretch marks and skin spots, and fortifies underarm skin with its potent powers of protection. Frankincense also eases inflammation, balances moisture levels, and treats wounds, wrinkles, and scars.

    Silver Fir - Cooling, refreshing, uplifting and inspiring, silver fir soothes sore muscles, and awakens body and mind to the dawn of a new day.

    Lavender – Sweet, soothing lavender calms irritated skin, eases inflammation, promotes feelings of well-being, and improves respiration. Lavender is also magnificent for treating nicks, cuts, burns and scrapes.

    Cilantro – This clarifying aphrodisiac is a powerful antiseptic that invigorates the body while fostering emotional tranquility. Clean-green smelling cilantro lends an uplifting, exciting musk to the fragrant notes of this organic blend.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.