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Thyme Linalool Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations

Thyme Linalool Essential Oil, 5ml - Living Libations


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Thyme Linalool Essential Oil, 5ml

Living Libations’ organic Thyme Linalool Essential Oil is as strong as it is soft! This special variety of thyme is a favorite of ours and the Ancient Greeks, this perfectly potent medicinal plant is steam-distilled from the dried leaves and flowers of the Thyme vulgaris linalool herb. Thyme Linalool offers a warm, buttery aroma that is incredibly gentle yet incredibly effective at attending to ailments. Also known as Sweet Thyme Oil, Thyme Linalool is known to stimulate and energize the body and mind while being mild enough to treat very young children and the elderly. Thyme linalool is a treasured ingredient in our skincare serums gently rebalancing and removing impurities of the skin.

Botanical Name:Thyme vulgaris linalool

Botanical Family:Labiatae
Extraction Method: Steam
Part of Plant Distilled: Herb

Country of Origin: France
Cultivation Method: Organic

Scent Description: Spicy, sweet, buttery and warm, with penetrating notes of wood and herbs

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Blends Well with: frankincense, rose otto, spikenard, lavender, mandarin, tangerine, bergamot, lemon, marjoram, silver fir, palo santo, cardamom, carrot seed and geranium

Uses: beautiful in blends, baths and diffusers; excellent in skincare serums; first aid and salt inhaler; this thyme is gentle enough to use undiluted on the skin.

Our organic Thyme Linalool Essential Oil contains the healing properties of Thyme in its gentlest form. The Linalool chemotype (variety) is steam-distilled from tiny glands located in the leaves of this powerful, healing herb. In Ancient Rome, soldiers prepared hot, relaxing baths with Thyme Linalool oil in order to heal the body and absorb the oil’s essence of bravery and courage. While European medicine during the Middle Ages was somewhat rudimentary (think of blood-sucking leeches!), the one thing they did understand was the power of Thyme. The herb was used in oil form to fight infections and treat viruses and respiratory ailments.

Beyond the incredible medicinal properties of this oil, our Thyme Linalool Essential Oil contains palpable emotional and psychological benefits. Thyme Linalool energizes body and mind, encourages spiritual reflection and understanding, quells anxiety, lifts the spirit, alleviates fatigue, and helps the mind focus on one task at a time.

Fortify body and mind with Living Libations Thyme Linalool Essential Oil, an oil that is respected asone of the gentlest and yet potent antiseptic essences known.

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