Sacred Chocolate (Hearts)


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It's the SUMMER...chocolate melts. We recommend purchasing an ice pack to go around your chocolate to help ensure the consistency of your goodies. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, the Raw World cannot guarantee that your melt-ables will not melt on their way to you.

69% Cacao

Sacred Organic 69% Whole Bean has a complex nuance that is unlikely found in other raw chocolate bars! It includes the whole cacao bean with the skin/husk still attached for superior nutrition.

Each 2 oz. bar comes in the shape of a heart, symbolic of the fact that raw cacao is so good for the heart. This delicious heart bar is hand poured & hand wrapped. All Sacred Chocolate is prayed over by Sacred Steve, the Sacred Chocolate Oompa Loompas and others!

INGREDIENTS: "Cacao Nibs, *Maple Sugar, "Cacao Butter, "Cacao Beans with SKINS, *Vanilla Bean. ["100% Organic, *Organic]
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