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Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality by Harris Coulter

Coulter considers the relationship of vaccination to autism, hyperactivity, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and learning disabilities. He carries his argument into the social realm, suggesting a connection between neurological damage and the present high level of criminality in American society. Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality will become a cornerstone in the ongoing debate about childhood vaccinations.

"...this thoroughly documented expose of the dangers of childhood vaccinations will shock our complacent society. If Dr. Coulter is correct--and his evidence is as compelling as it is alarming--parents, children and civilization itself are paying dearly for our uncritical acceptance of inadequately tested medical 'advances.' This book will no doubt start an acrimonious but timely debate about the known benefits and hidden costs of childhood vaccination programs."
-Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Founder, Autism Society of America; Director, Autism Research Institute

"...a masterpiece; one of the most important works of several decades. It indicts present childhood vaccination programs as a major factor in immunologic and neurologic disorders in today's children. Evidence presented in these pages can no longer be ignored: we are long overdue for a reassessment of current childhood immunization programs."
-Harold E. Buttram, M.D.

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