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Purity Protein was created for 1 reason: Dr. Sheridan saw the need for truly pure, non-toxic, complete and balanced supplemental protein. Hype is Nothing. Substance is EVERYTHING! Many protein powders are acid forming, difficult to digest/assimilate, create bloating, gas, and allergic reactions, are hard on the kidneys, contain pesticides, GMOs, and hexane solvent residues. Animal proteins (regardless of "purity") create negative immune reactions in all blood and body types (leukocytosis), and isolated proteins (animal or vegetable) are lacking critical accessory nutrients. Even most "organic" ones still have INorganic ingredients (with pesticides), and/or contribute chemical xenoestrogens from the packaging (soft plastic/foil pouches).

In contrast, Purity Protein is a 100% TruGanic, plant-based, non-toxic, raw, easy to digest, highly bioavailable, hypoallergenic, and complete protein formula packaged in EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging. Organic and TruGanic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein (80% protein, 20% nutrients) and Organic and TruGanic Hemp Protein (50% protein, 50% nutrients) provide incredibly easy to digest proteins with branched chain amino acids that still contain the critical accessory nutrients (whole food vitamins, minerals, and healing and protective phytonutrients). These are NOT isolated nutrients. Increased Bioavailability with added enzymes. Blood Sugar and Endurance Support* with nopal cactus (Opuntia streptacantha) and arctic root. Liver, Kidney and Antioxidant Function Support* with our unique and exclusive milk thistle Natural Spectrum Intensetrate (NSI). Actual Real Taste (NOT "Flavoring") with the healing legume vanilla (actual vanilla bean), and a balanced hint of green stevia whole herb (NOT the white, stevisode extract that tastes of saccharin and has no nutritional benefits). Only the best possible. Only purity.

Serving Size: 25g (2 heaping Tbsp) - Servings per bottle: 500g-20, Trial-1

Organic Protein Blend

Sprouted, Enzymatically Activated, Non-GMO, Non-Fermented Brown Rice Protein (80% protein, 20% nutrients)  Hemp Protein (50% protein, 50% nutrients)

Enhancement Blend

  Nopal Cactus (endurance and blood sugar function)  Arctic Root (Rhodiola rosea) (endurance* )  Actual Vanilla Bean (not "flavoring")  Whole Stevia Leaf  Enzymes (protease, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha-galactosidase)

Kidney, Liver, & Antioxidant Function

Milk Thistle NSI (Natural Spectrum Intensetrate) Organic Wildcrafted TruGanic

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.