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VANILLA Warrior Force 250 grams - Healthforce Nutritionals


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The Ultimate Protein Supplement!

Complete Protein Plant Based SuperFood Formula for True Warriors! This is the best protein formula available. Organic  Non Toxic  Vegan  Raw  Hard-Core

Easier to absorb and assimilate, therefore, you need less actual protein.

The Story of Warrior Food

I have been into athletics all of my life. Not just "sports", but hard-hitting, muscle-pumping, heart-pounding, mentally-grueling, endurance-testing sports... Warrior Sports. I would rather die than be denied my Warrior Spirit - that is just who I am! I am also hard-core into health! Unfortunately, sports "nutrition" products usually have nothing to do with actual health. They are notoriously unhealthy, many of them downright toxic, ultimately contributing to a Warrior's demise. I am a Naturopath and Herbal medicine researcher, and have embraced a hard-core healing lifestyle for 26 years, during which I have seen people who had healthy looking physiques degenerate and die much too soon (or die suddenly) due to their toxic diet, lifestyle, and supplements. NOT ANYMORE. I have vowed to change that and Warrior Force products are part of that change.

Warrior Food Extreme

Warrior Food enhances your physical appearance and your performance, without sacrificing your health...or your ethics. 100% high performance complete protein/amino acid profile with branched chain amino acids for performance and mass. 100% Raw. 100% Vegan! Regardless of your diet, lifestyle and ethics, whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, this is the best performing protein supplement you can buy (with phytonutrient benefits way beyond isolated proteins).

What is a True Warrior?

It is easy to be an aggressive, selfish, mean, assh%&e. Just combine a bad attitude with some "roids" or take legal substances that imbalance your body and hormones. Then you are just a Barbarian. A True Warrior is kind, unselfish, caring, and lives consciously by a code of ethics/honor such as Bushido (Samurai), or Chivalry (Knights), yet at the same time is completely willing to stand up for those who need it, & unleash a fury of appropriate force, should battle be required. A True Warrior is conscious of all the choices made in life, and is open-minded. The world needs more True Warriors. I invite you to become one!

~Dr. Jameth Sheridan (Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher, and True Warrior)

Warrior Food, Vegan Protein Ingredients


  • Sprouted, Enzymatically Activated, NON-GMO, Brown Rice Protein◊∞ (80% protein, 20% nutrients)
  • Organic Hemp Protein
  • Nopal Cactus◊∞ (endurance and blood sugar function*)
  • Arctic Root (Rhodiola rosea)∞ (endurance*+)
  • Organic Whole Leaf Stevia
  • Actual Vanilla Bean◊∞ (not flavoring)
  • Enzymes (protease, bromelain, papain, amylase, lipase, cellulase, alpha-galactosidase)∞

    Kidney, Liver, and Antioxidant Blend

    Milk Thistle NSI (Natural Spectrum Intensetrate)∞

    ◊Organic Wildcrafted ∞TruGanic Daily Value Not Established Hard-Core, Non-Toxic Warrior Formulas:

    Warrior Food says "No Whey" to high-acid forming, kidney-damaging animal proteins. No metabolic toxins from animal tissue/parts. BETTER AMINO ACID PROFILE THAN WHEY! Contains BCAAs for performance and mass. No chemicals or isolated nutrients. Nothing artificial. NON-GMO. Gluten Free. TruGanic. Best of everything for the best ever Warrior!

    Hard-Core Warrior Packaging:

    Hard plastic (THIS package): Minimum offgassing. 100% recyclable. Preserves nutrients. Oxygen absorber. Relative high cost vs. soft foil/plastic pouch: Maximum offgassing (BAD). 0% recyclable (BAD). Degrades nutrients (BAD). Cheapest package. You decide.

    100% TruGanic.

    TruGanic is a purist, hard-core, quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic includes authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.

    Energenesis Energetic Enhancements:

    Homeopathic Magnetic Vibrational

    All ingredients are optimally dried for maximum life force.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.