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Vegan Sourcebook, the, by Jo Stepaniak

Veganism is more than simply avoiding animal-based products--it is a humane, ethical way of life that encompasses environmentalism, social activism, and conscientious consumption. "The Vegan Sourcebook Second Edition" is a complete guide to the vegan principles that advocate harmony, justice, and compassion for all living beings.

"The Vegan Sourcebook" covers everything you need to know about:

the history and philosophy of veganism;
vegan ethics and lifestyle choices;
environmental issues;
sociological and psychological perspectives;
vegan nutrition for all stages of the lifecycle (by renowned vegan dietitian Virginia Messina, MPH, RD).

You'll also receive:

comprehensive nutrition charts and menu plans;
lists of "hidden" animal ingredients;
substitutes for dairy products and eggs;
fifty delicious vegan recipes;
a guide to additional resources, organizations, and publications.

"...if it's information you seek on most anything vegan, you'll find it in this comprehensive sourcebook." Michael Klaper, MD

"...The Vegan Sourcebook is one of the most important books in my's terrific!" Howard Lyman, President, International Vegetarian Union

"The Vegan Sourcebook makes it easy to see that our grocery and shopping lists may foretell the future of human and animal suffering and environmental degradation more than any other writings of our times. Jo Stepaniak has created a very readable book that clearly presents veganism--both its philosophical underpinnings and practical applications. It's an urgent call for a more just and compassionate world." Brian Graff, Co-director, North American Vegetarian Society

(Lowell House, 352 pages)
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