Spirooli Spiral 3-in-1 Slicer

Spirooli Spiral 3-in-1 Slicer
  • 1 - 2 units - $20.96
    $20.96 / unit
  • 3 - 999 units - $18.87
    $18.87 / unit


Quantity Price
1 - 2 units $/unit
3 - 999 units $/unit

It has suction cups feet to hold it in place while you work. The 3 blades are a slicer, a large noodle, a medium noodle.

For small noodles like angel hair style see the Spriooli Slicer. Some call it a garnishing machine. The Spirooli Slicer will complete your slicing needs by allowing you to do very fine noodles while the spirooli does amazing thick noodles.

It has 3 interchangeable blades. It is easy to use. Prepare gourmet foods quickly like veggie noodles or apple rings.

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