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Virgin Birth, by Herbert Shelton & Hilton Hotema

Virgin Birth, by Herbert Shelton & Hilton Hotema


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Who’s wrong and who’s right? This important debate between the two doctors was the basis for their mutual parting of the ways. Colleagues and friends for years, these two Natural Hygienists developed their different lines of thinking following this debate. The evolution of Dr. Shelton and Dr. Clements (a.k.a Hilton Hotema) begins here! Back by popular demand, and in a much more legible format this is a must have for any Hotema fan.

Clements - affirmative, Shelton - negative. Subjects: Virgin Mother; Degeneration & Devolution; Infinite Parthenogenesis Disastrous; Science or sensationalism - Which?; Has Man Descended From the Moon?; Virgin-Born Freaks of Creative Thought; Sex a Symbiotic Necessity; Virgin Birth & Degeneracy.
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