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We've got another new ground-breaking product for you today! We have 100% Plant-Based Vitamin D3 Patches, which feature the same proprietary delivery system as our popular Vitamin B12 Patches

As stated on my favorite Vitamin D website,

“Some people get tested for Vitamin D and find, despite taking Vitamin D regularly, that they're still not getting enough Vitamin D. This means your body is having a hard time absorbing your Vitamin D supplements. The Vitamin D Council recommends that if you're having this problem, you can try these options:


  • Take vitamin D under your tongue rather than swallowing it (sublingually).

  • Try relying on more sun exposure.

  • Increase your intake.” (1)

  • With our ground-breaking Vitamin D3 Patches, you don't have to worry about your absorption rate or keeping things under you tongue as with regular oral D3 supplements. You just put the Patch right behind your ear and the D3 goes through your skin, right into your capillaries and releases straight into your bloodstream!

    It's important to make sure that you are receiving and absorbing enough Vitamin D3, because it has been shown that a lack of it is linked to countless health conditions such as cancer, asthma, type-II diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, infectious diseases, Alzheimer's and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, Crohn's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, type-I diabetes, and other conditions that cause soft, thin, and brittle bones in children and adults. (2) (3)

    Our Vitamin D3 Sunshine Patches each contain 5000 IU Vitamin D3, 120 mcg Vitamin K2 (MK-7), and 250 gm Magnesium, in order to provide you with the most effective and safest way to raise your Vitamin D levels.

    Vitamin D improves absorption of calcium by the digestive system while K2 is responsible for directing the calcium into the bones...

    On it states, "Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium in the intestines, Vitamin K2 is necessary for transport of this calcium into the bones; without this vital nutrient Vitamin D can cause buildup of calcium in the arteries." (4)

    On Wikipedia it states, "Taking Vitamin K2 is essential when supplementing with D3 because high doses of Vitamin D lead to increased absorption of calcium by the intestines and higher levels of calcium in the blood – without Vitamin K2 to direct the flow of calcium into the bones this excess free calcium, can clog arteries and create heart problems." (5)

    A 2008 study compared the rate of coronary artery calcification between one group given Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D, and another only given Vitamin D. The group given K2 with Vitamin D showed significantly less calcification of the arteries. (6)

    A recent Dutch study concluded that "a high menaquinone (Vitamin K2 as Mk-7) intake reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease." (7)

    Dr. Rheaume-Bleue explains the importance of Vitamin K2:

    "When you take vitamin D, your body creates more of these vitamin K2-dependent proteins, the proteins that will move the calcium around. They have a lot of potential health benefits. But until the K2 comes in to activate those proteins, those benefits aren't realized. So, really, if you're taking vitamin D, you're creating an increased demand for K2. And vitamin D and K2 work together to strengthen your bones and improve your heart health." (8)

    Dr. Rheaume-Bleue further explains the importance of taking Vitamin D3 WITH Vitamin K2:

    "We don't see symptoms of vitamin D toxicity very often. But when we do, those symptoms are inappropriate calcification. That's the symptom of vitamin D toxicity. And it is actually a lack of vitamin K2 that can cause that..." (9)

    Our Vitamin D3 Sunshine Patches offer these crucial vitamins with the addition of 250mg Magnesium, to further promote healthy calcium metabolism. I feel that this is the most cutting-edge Vitamin D3 supplement on the market today! You get a balanced, time-released dose of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 (MK-7), and Magnesium all combined in an easy-to-use patch that delivers these vital nutrients directly into your circulation over a 48-hour period!

    Let me explain how we are able to offer them at such a low price today!

    Sales of our Vitamin B-12 Patches have shot through the roof, due to how effective these Patches are. This gives us some bargaining power with the supplier! When negotiating pricing, the supplier explained to us that the envelopes the Patches come in are pretty expensive. Therefore, we asked if we could slip two packets of Patches inside each envelope instead. They said yes, so we thought about it more, and then asked if we could also put 6 packets in one envelope for even deeper savings! They said yes! :-) Amazing!

    However, they also stated that we can only do another run like this if the sales continue to rocket. I'm pretty sure they will, but there is the possibility that this may be a one-time-only deal. So today...we have both of our Vitamin B12 and D3 Patches now available in envelopes containing 2-packs and 6-packs!... and... You can use the 7% coupon code that is available for anyone to use here, and buying bulk packs, you can literally almost get 2 - 4 packs for the price of 1! No matter how many you buy, you at least get 2.5 for the price of 1! We love it!

    Here is a review that just came in on our website!

    Best quality products and CANNOT beat monthly specials!
    I've checked other B12 patches online and the monthly special on these have all others beat on price/value exponentially.....not to mention the better quality as well. I have noticed a HUGE difference with the first afternoon naps since starting these patches. I go all day at the same pace with seemingly no effort! I got the B12 and the D3 and they stay on fine through showers too!

    Also, I have an incredible testimonial to share with you today from Crystal Strayer, wife of Joshua Strayer, who shared his story of healing from Stage 3 Cancer with us recently in the video here. Crystal got hold of some of our new D3 Patches and shared her amazing testimonial below. This is all pretty much in line with my experience as well, which I will share with you later this week! I totally got the same kind of energy boost and it also felt like my body was missing something. Our bodies were probably low on these key critical nutrients... Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2!

    Here's Crystal's fascinating testimonial:

    It's been 3 & 1/2 hrs..D3 is INSANE. I'm in love. SOLD. I get this sense of Warmth, Clarity, Focus, Happiness, and (((Presence))). I have INSANE amounts of energy right now lol I'm halfway done cleaning my house haha. This definitely feels right to me, like I was deficient in something and needed it? Even though living in sunny CA..and getting at least 20 mins a day of sunlight..the pollution blocks a lot of the sun. It's nothing like Vilacabamba. I know these are gonna be HUGE for me in winter.


    The biggest customer service question of the day was, "What are the ingredients of the Vitamin D3 patches?"
    All of the ingredients of these Vitamin D3 patches are plant-based and vegan friendly :-) The Vitamin D3 comes from the Sunflower. It's not an animal or mushroom product. I feel that these Vitamin D3 Patches are the safest and most effective D3 supplement on the market!

    Sources for this article include:

    48 patches.

    6 month supply

    120mcg Vitamin K2 (mk-7)

    5,000IU Vitamin D3

    250 mcg of Magnesium

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.