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Childhood immunization is becoming an increasingly controversial subject& a difficult decision for many parents to make. This book examines the crucial question: Do we really need immunizations? It provides vital information, often downplayed by the medical profession, necessary for an informed decision. Key topics include: immunization vs. natural immunity; breastfeeding; type& frequency of adverse vaccine reactions; state vaccination laws; toxic chemicals in vaccines,& how parents can legally avoid immunizations for their children. Footnotes, Index& References. Copyright (C) Muze Inc. 2005. For personal use only. All rights reserved.

Do you know what is inside the vaccine your infant is receiving? Here is everything you need to know about childhood immunization, most of which the medical profession fails to tell you. In this book, medical research writer Jamie Murphy explains what vaccines are, how they are made, what little-known toxic chemicals are used in their production, and how frequently the DPT vaccine causes local, systemic, and neurological reactions and deaths in infants and children. You will learn how our natural immunity protects us from disease and that breast milk is an infant's best protection. Parents will also benefit from learning the simple steps they can take to successfully avoid immunization for their children. Childhood immunization is one of the most critical health issues that parents face. What Every Parent Should Know about Childhood Immunization will help you face it intelligently.
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