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What's NOT Cookin' in Rhio's Kitchen with Rhio

Running Time: 92 minutes

Did you know that the people of the United States are one of the largest consumers of dairy products in the world? Dairy products are known to be high in calcium but isn't it ironic that with all the dairy we consume, we also have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis? We associate good feelings with dairy because let's face it, most of us were raised with dairy and we enjoy the flavor. We all grew up hearing positive phrases like milk and honey, peaches and cream, milk... it does a body good, la crème de la crème, and many others embedded in our language which color our perceptions.

Dairy today is not what it used to be. The idyllic farm of yesteryear has been replaced with factory farming. Unfortunately, In the United States many cows are injected with a genetically engineered synthetic hormone called rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) which makes them produce a lot of milk. They become super milk producers, but the price to be paid is an increased incidence of mastitis and other diseases for which the cows are then treated with antibiotics. And these antibiotics end up in the milk. rBGH has negative effects on the human body and for that reason it has been outlawed in Canada, Europe and many other countries. And since the cows are fed conventional feed, some of the pesticides from that feed end up in the milk as well.

Casomorphins, by-product peptides of the digestion of casein in dairy products have addictive qualities - specifically casomorphin opioids.

In this DVD Rhio discusses some of the other negative effects of consuming dairy, as well as providing delicious and satisfying substitutes... dairy-like foods made from nuts, seeds, vegetables and herbs to provide a means for people to transition off of dairy successfully.

Rhio has some terrific recipes that will change your life! Delicious, good for you and easy to do. I highly recommend this DVD. As a dentist/nutritionist this is some of the best information I have come across in awhile.

Victor Zeines, DDS, MS
Author of Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Anyone serious about making raw foods taste great needs this DVD. Rhio's been a leader in the raw food movement for years and her recipes are simply delicious!

Paul Nison, Raw Food Author and Chef

Rhio reveals a few tricks that will get you eating raw at home. Beginners can avoid the disappointment, expense and wasted food that comes with trial and error. This DVD is a great investment in your health and your dining pleasure. Rhio has hit a home run with this one.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Salud de Oro
Fasting and Healthy Lifestyles Center, Panama
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