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Ormus becomes your Trans-Dimensional Connection to Wellness. An 8-ounce bottle should last approximately 1 month.

Ingredients: Dead Sea, Pacific, Celtic, Bolivian Salts, Structured Alkaline Water

Directions: Take 1 Teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon daily with or without water. Keep and store ormus in provided EMF bag.

"What is Ormus from Blue Water Alchemy?"

Ormus is created from pure Organic Sea Salts. We start with the rich base of Dead Sea and Pacific Sonoma salts that buffer and carry the Celtic and Bolivian salts that together produce a smooth taste and a well-balanced combination of m-state elements providing that necessary connective element to the Light Body.

As Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process, elements, in their high-spin, quantum or M-state, are manifest.

These m-state elements in Ormus are "trans-dimensional" in nature and behavior.

They subtly, yet directly, connect a person to the Quantum Field.

Cell by cell, chromosome by chromosome the Ormus plugs us back in, to ourselves. Some people can feel the connection, others cannot" Regardless of whether or not its effects are felt consciously, it is happening. As that connection develops an information channel is opened and healing begins as the 300-billion cells in our body that need to be "cloned" today are replicated with the proper cellular template and with that, whole body healing can begin.

These Ormus m-state elements are stem cells from the Mineral Kingdom designed to ground and connect biological physiology (plant and animal) to the Earth and to Spirit establishing the conditions for balance, harmony and well being.

Ormus is the Event Horizon opening the Quantum Connection to your Light Body via trillions of microtubules.

Ormus is Ancient Alchemy and yet it"s new, every time.

We start with a base of Dead Sea Salt rich in mono-atomic gold and magnesium, then we add salts from New Zealand the C-11 elements (Rhodium, Iridium, etc.) from the clean deep southern Pacific Ocean that buffer and carry the Celtic Salts from Normandy (rich in platinum group metals). Finally, a tasty pink salt recovered from an ancient spring high in the Andes finishes the recipe. These salts together produce a smooth taste and a well-balanced combination of m-state elements providing that necessary and sought after connective group of mono-atomic elements allowing for an enhanced connection to your subtle energy body.

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