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Wild Child Healthy Gum Drops, 5mL - Living Libations


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Gentle, effective rose, peppermint, clove, oregano, cinnamon, seabuckthorn, tea tree & thyme for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal oral care. Add a drop to toothbrush, mouth rinse, massage into gums or glide a drop over dental floss to cleanse the tiny spaces in between the teeth.

  • Created for Children under 9 years
  • Milder version of our effective Healthy Gum Drops formula
  • Tested and Approved by Leif (at 2 years!)

    Nadine wrote this blog for on the Subject of Oral Care and Children: Sometimes, helping children to brush their teeth, or getting children to brush their own teeth, is like herding cats and, when children do brush their teeth, even when they are teenagers, do they do a thorough job? Is their brushing effective?

    In ancient times, children very rarely had cavities. Today, however, one of the biggest health concerns affecting little ones more than any other in North America and Europe is dental decay, ECC (Early Childhood Caries).

    Is it because dentists are giving out lollipops? ( Did the ancients have advanced civilizations that cracked the code on toothpaste? Or, is it because breastfeeding fades in and out of popularity while processed formula proliferates?

    When your child closes her mouth against the toothbrush, while you cheerfully chant "If you get up in the morning" and you want to find something to do, you brush your teeth ch ch ch ch, ch ch ch ch" by Raffi, know, (that your dentist may not say so), but brushing isn"t everything.

    Dr. Weston Price (President of the America Dental Association from 1888-89) studied primitive skulls and traveled the world studying the teeth of cultures that ate only their traditional foods; cultures in which a cavity would be found in one in a thousand people. Cultures that had moved away from their nutrient-dense food and were plagued by white flour and white sugar had rotted teeth.

    Decay of tooth enamel is not only from food stuck in it. Dental decay occurs in two ways: internal and external. External factors are food in the mouth, acidity, bacteria, how the teeth fit together, and exercise. External factors play a role, but they are not the initiating factors in oral decay. Teeth are alive! They can regenerate, and this is why internal factors that nourish the teeth are so important. Real foods, hormonal balance, minerals, and the fluid exchange through the teeth are key. When the teeth are healthy, they are like trees, drawing their nourishment from the roots and the blood and digestive system are the soil. Nourishing fluid moves from the pulp chamber through to the dentin. Stress, processed food, and inadequate nutrition reverse this precious flow and the tooth starts to draw bacteria and acids from the mouth into the tooth. Teeth start forming inside the womb, and pre-natal nutrition with a healthy dose of fat soluble vitamins, minerals, and whole foods starts the process of building strong teeth. Around 2-3 years of age, the permanent teeth are forming/calcifying into the jawbone and, if there is a nutritional deficiency of minerals and vitamin C, D3, K2 and A at this time, teeth are formed that are less resistant to decay. This also means that breastfeeding mothers need to be abundant in whole nutrition as well.

    As teeth start to come in, wipe the teeth with a cloth dipped in salt water. This will help clear plaque and neutralize acids. Teach children to swish with salt water and spit it out, which will do most of the work. Later, brushing can begin using salt, baking soda or xylitol powder (from a health store). If a carie lesion begins, this does not necessarily mean a permanent cavity is inevitable. Know that the teeth are alive and brown enamel lesions could be reversed. When there is a carie lesion the salvia starts on the area to balance the decay, and the dentin inside your tooth will shot forth odontoblasts which regenerate new cells to the area. If this happens keep the tooth clean and look into the diet.

    Healthy Teeth Tips

    ♥ Avoid bonding molars on the cavities (this traps bacteria in the tooth)
    ♥ Offer zero processed food
    ♥ In the beginning, stick to breastmilk and water
    ♥ Floss when the teeth start getting close together
    ♥ Avoid Fluoride water and treatments (
    ♥ Phosphorus and vitamin C help ease teething
    ♥ Breastfeeding is not the cause of cavities
    ♥ Soak all grains and beans overnight before cooking to get rid of phytic acid
    ♥ Avoid all commercial toothpastes (toxic) " stick to the basics: salt, baking soda, and xylitol

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