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Wild Berry Sprouted Trail Mix 7oz

Wild Berry Sprouted Trail Mix display a colorful array of tasty and authentic wild berries and superfruits from around the worlds.

We paired up the tart tanginess of Peruvian golden berries and tiny red barberries with the unique flavors of sweet white mulberries, green raisins, Turkish sultana, goji berries and California currants.

We even threw in a little bitter crunch of raw cacao nibs, because, hey, who doesn't like berries and chocolate!

All mixed together with sprouted pumpkin seeds and raw cashews, for a divine trail mix snack experience, anytime,anywhere!

Try this energetic and antioxidant rich blend of wild berries, sprouted pumpkin seeds and more. A delicious snack to boost up your day. Includes Organic Raw Cashews, Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Mulberries, Wild Goldenberries, Wild Goji Berries, Organic Himalayan Gold Raisins, Organic Currants, Organic Sultanas and Wild Barberries.
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