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Did you know that the levels of electro-magnetic radiation that we are exposed to today are billions of times higher than for our ancestors (yes, billions, and this is a conservative estimate)? In Wireless Radiation Rescue, you'll find: a summary of the evidence of cell phone health hazards, mobile phone radiation, cell phones and brain cancer, wireless radiation and other electro-pollution concerns; the story of how wireless devices avoided being pre-market tested for our safety; the reasons our government exposure standards are not protecting us; extensive details on the safer use of all wired and wireless technologies, including cell phone radiation protection, cell phone headsets and more.

We can't see the smog of electro-pollution but it is affecting us according to the scientific evidence in the award-winning book Wireless Radiation Rescue safeguarding your family from the risks of electro-pollution by Kerry Crofton, Ph.D. (Global Wellbeing Books, Revised Edition, July 2010). The issue of cell phone radiation is making national headlines, yet consumers remain uncertain about the risks involved and how to protect themselves.

Dr. Crofton, a health educator, collaborated with the world's most respected scientists, physicians, and environmental health experts, and compiled data from the latest research studies. In Wireless Radiation Rescue she presents an overview of the evidence along with recommendations for safer solutions.

"We don't have to give up all electronic devices," Dr. Crofton explains. "But we do need to use them differently. First, we need to understand that the government standards we assume are protecting us are thousands of times too lenient, and there are biological effects from these 'safe' levels including: sleep disruption, dizziness, headaches, immune suppression, electro-sensitivity, 'unexplained' cardiac symptoms, decreased fertility, and an increased risk for brain cancer and neurological disorders."

Wireless Radiation Rescue is the first consumer guide to reducing levels of electro-magnetic radiation in our homes, offices and schools. Aimed at the general public including parents, teachers and health care professionals, the book is divided into four sections: Know the Evidence; Know Your Risks; Safer Solutions; and Your Action Plan.

This guide includes a questionnaire to help readers identify risks such as PDAs and mobile phones (cell and cordless), video games, baby monitors, hybrid electric cars, fluorescent lights, power lines, and more. Research indicates that pregnant women, babies, children and young adults are most at risk and experts are especially concerned for those who spend so much time immersed in technology and so little outside in nature.

Crofton includes dozens of expert recommendations for safer solutions including headsets (Bluetooth, wired, or air-tube?), wired vs. wireless Internet access, corded vs cordless phones, and more.

Wireless Radiation Rescue concludes with an extensive resource section filled with hundreds of related organizations including research, advocacy and electro-sensitivity support groups, medical clinics/professional practices, and reference material.

Some might argue that electro-magnetic radiation has not been proven to be harmful, or that the research is at least inconclusive. But according to whose studies? Research by Dr. Henry Lai, a biologist at the University of Washington, found that only 25% of studies funded by the wireless industry show some type of biological effect from microwave radiation. Yet in independently funded studies (free of industry influence), 75% of the studies show adverse biological effects. "Follow the funding," Dr. Crofton advises.

Clearly more research is needed but in the meantime many people are opting on the side of caution now. After all, how many decades, and thousands of studies, did it take before it was "proven" that smoking caused cancer?

Swedish neuro-oncologist Dr. Leif Salford has called the unregulated use of cell phones by 4.5 billion people worldwide "the largest human biological experiment ever."


Kerry Crofton, PhD is a health educator and the director of WellBeing International. She has a doctorate in health psychology, and her thirty years of professional work includes a clinical practice, directing a biofeedback clinic, and developing and delivering wellness programs for air traffic controllers, commercial and fighter pilots, nurses, and others in high-stress occupations. She has also directed a hospital-based cardiac program, co-produced a television program on heart health, and wrote The Healthy Type A (Macmillan 1998). Her new book, Wireless Radiation Rescue, is the first to bring together the research and recommendations of the world's leading scientists and clinicians, both for the general public and other health care professionals.

Wireless Radiation Rescue safeguarding your family from the risks of electro-pollution by Kerry Crofton, Ph.D.

  • Global Wellbeing Books
  • July 1, 2010
  • 432 pages, 9 x 6 inches
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