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It's the SUMMER...chocolate melts. We recommend purchasing an ice pack to go around your chocolate to help ensure the consistency of your goodies. Unfortunately, during the warmer months, the Raw World cannot guarantee that your melt-ables will not melt on their way to you.


Sacred Chocolate's AMAZONIAN ZERO POINTE is a special RAW ORGANIC VEGAN chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues such as diabetes. It is a DIABETIC FRIENDLY version of our popular AMAZONIAN chocolate heart bar. This fruity, nutty, and bitter flavored dark chocolate uses INULIN from Jerusalem Artichoke as its main sweetener (a small amount of stevia extract is also included which is also diabetic friendly). INULIN is a long chain polysaccharide that has little to no effect on blood sugar (registers a very low value on the GLYCEMIC INDEX) and is considered good for the intestinal flora. This chocolate was specially formulated for Dr. Gabriel Cousen's. This chocolate is semi-sweet to bitter-sweet. This amazing chocolate has become a cult classic. Included in it is the core herbology of the Amazon jungle. The flavor profile is extremely complex. Just let it melt in your mouth for the full experience of taking a wild jaunt through the Amazon rain forest! The cacao bean currently being made into the AMAZONIAN ZERO POINTE is called the Arriba Nacional from Ecuador.

Sacred Chocolate has been tested by an independent laboratory and proven to have approximately 3-6 times the antioxidant level (as measured by an ORAC test) of chocolate at the same cacao solids content that has been traditionally roasted, cooked and/or milled or processed at high temperature.

Sacred Chocolate includes Whole Cacao Beans with the SKINS/husks of the bean included. Due to channeled information obtained by Laurel Steinhice, we believe the SKINS/Husks (which are normally winnowed away and sold typically to chicken farms or fertilizer companies) contain certain nutrients that help promote stem cell growth in humans. Like the skin of a sesame seed, cucumber, or potato we believe a concentration of important minerals and nutrients exist in this part of the cacao bean, and we therefore choose to include it in Sacred Chocolate!

Open the Heart, Discover the Magic!

*Whole Cacao Beans with SKINS, * Maple Sugar, "Cacao Butter, "Amazonian Jungle Peanuts, "Coconut, "Brazil Nuts, ~Quaraibea Funebris, "Incan Berry, *Cashews, "Purple Corn, "Maca, ~Acai, "Lucuma, ~Andean Salt, ~ Chuchuhuasi,~Tahuari Golden, ~Canchalagua, ~Iporuro, ~Pasuchaca, ~Hercampuri, ~Pau D'Arco, "Guayusa, ~Chancapiedra, "Yerba Mate, ~Cat's Claw, ~Manayupa.
[ "100% Organic, *Organic, ~Wildcrafted ]


1. All Cacao is kept at or below 114 degrees Fahrenheit from start to finish.
2. All ingredients are STONE GROUND.
3. 65% Cacao Content. All or a portion of the Cacao Content includes the SKINS/Husks of the Cacao Bean up to 8% by weight.
4. Certified Organic through CCOF.
5. Certified Vegan through Vegan Action.
6. Certified Kosher through Earth Kosher. (Currently Going Through Certification)
7. Certified Halal through IFANCA.
8. PASS4KIDS approved. Sacred Foods, LLC has signed the Truth In Labeling Pledge. Sacred Foods, LLC is also a member of Slow Food USA.
9. All cacao is purchased at or above fair trade standards to the best of our ability to know.
10.Dairy/Gluten/Soy FREE.
11. ALLERGY Information: Made using stones that also grind NUTS, but stones are ALWAYS cleaned between batches.
12.2 oz. bar in the shape of a heart. Hand poured & hand wrapped. All Sacred Chocolate is prayed over by Sacred Steve and others.
13.MELTING POINT of AMAZONIAN ZERO POINTE: Approximately 83 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit.


If properly stored, Sacred Chocolate has a minimum 1 year shelf life.


A. 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
B. 0 to 60% humidity. (Note: Chocolate and water do not mix well.)
C. Dark. (Note: Always keep away from direct sunlight. Even if wrapped and the air temperature is cool, the suns rays will melt Sacred Chocolate.)
D. Odor Free. (Note: Chocolate and Cacao absorb all odor.)


1. In general, a refrigerator is not an ideal environment in which to store fine chocolate due to the constant and drastic swings in humidity, excessive odors, and temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you are forced to store Sacred Chocolate in a refrigerator, here is the proper procedure: Place chocolate in a zip lock bag and suck all the air out of the bag while zipping it closed. Place this in another zip lock bag, and repeat the procedure. Then, do it one more time so there are a total of three zip lock bags with air sucked out of them between the chocolate and the atmosphere. Place in refrigerator. When it is time to eat the refrigerated chocolate, allow the chocolate to completely warm up to room temperature BEFORE opening up any of the zip lock bags, otherwise condensation will form on the chocolate and adversely affect the quality and texture of the chocolate!

2. If Sacred Chocolate melts and then hardens again, it may appear chalky in appearance. This is because it has partially or fully fallen out of temper. The Chocolate is still fine to eat and perfectly nutritious, however, you may experience a different mouth feel.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.