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Chinese Red Jujube also known as Hunza Red Date Berries. In addition to their medicinal use, the candied dried fruits are often eaten as a snack, or with tea. Chinese Red Jujube can be used for cooking as well as part of the ingredient of Eight Treasures Tea.

Origin: Pakistan & Uzbekistan

(Ziziphus zizyphus) is one of the most widely used herbs in Chinese traditional medicine, and not without good reason. Jujube has been cultivated and used by Indians, Chinese, Korean, and Eurasian communities for thousands of years, and crossbred into hundreds of cultivars.

Red Dates are the dried fruit of the Chinese jujube tree. They are sweet and warming and when added in a formula, prolongs, enhances and harmonizes the effects of other herbs.

It is used by the Chinese to invigorate the spleen and stomach and is indicated for those with poor appetite, fatigue and loose stools. Chinese date also nourishes the blood and calms the mind.

Possible Therapeutic effects: Nourish blood and calm the mind for insomnia and restlessness; invigorate the spleen and stomach with poor appetite; promote secretions of vital fluids; retard aging; warming; moderating the toxicity of potent drugs. It is best for fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and malnutrition.
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