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Yoga X Band, BLACK

Yoga X Band, BLACK


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Made in Asheville, NC USA By UliMana, Inc

Organic Cotton & Lycra (Patent pending)

X Bands are the most useful yoga prop ever invented! They are soft, stretchy and easily adjustable.

Wrap it around your mat and carry to class where you can then use it to increase your stretch and overall extension. Not only does it replace the clunky d-ring straps, you can do so much more with it. Adjust the band making it smaller if necessary. Sitting up, put the wide part of the band behind then around your shoulders. With your feet in Baddha Konasana, wrap the other loop around your feet, then slowly lay back. Adjust the straps around your shoulders until you can feel them pressing your shoulders down. It feels like an amazing adjustment!

For a supported cross-legged seated meditation, put the whole band behind your back then stretch and pull the two loops around your knees. Adjust until you feel like~AHHH!

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