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Zak, by Bridget Belgrave

Zak, by Bridget Belgrave


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A story with potential to be as successful as some of those we have come to regard as classics...

"Zak is a story of considerable interest and value to children and adults alike. It is a kind and human story delivered through the fascinating self-reflection and empathy of Zak, the 11 year old central character. It is highly entertaining, but also beautifully demonstrates the wisdom and ways of respect, acceptance, warmth and humility. I will read it again and again." -- Hilton Davies, Professor of Child Health Psychology, Kings College, London and Director of the Centre for Parent and Child Support.

"I believe this to be a classic which promotes creativity, peacefulness and well being in our children. It is a fantastic school novel or gift for 7 year olds to adults." -- Connect

Magazine, April 2007. "Original, quirky and amusing - one to be recommended." -- The School Librarian.

"Celebrates the beauty of the natural world and the possibility of mankind interacting with it in a more magical and respectful way." -- The Ecologist.

"What an amazing book!! I read it a year ago when I had just turned 12. I thought I would find it difficult to read and believe as I was growing up and didn't really imagine any wrong could I have been?? Thank you to Bridget Belgrave who let her imagination fly and let mine do the same!!!" -- Jazmin Martell, age 13, Amazon review, April 2007."

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